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EasyEnglish Bible added to Bible Gateway

12 December 2023

MissionAssist is pleased to announce that the EasyEnglish Bible is now available via Bible Gateway. You can already access the EasyEnglish Bible via YouVersion, the website, and our apps for Andriod devices in Google Play. However, there have also been requests for Bible Gateway.

Bible Gateway is a searchable and shareable Bible tool with more than 200 versions and more than 70 languages. It began in 1993 in the early days of the internet and is now a member of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. The aim is to continue to add new translations, languages, and functionality to help people engage with the Bible and make reading it part of everyday life.

Screenshot of Bible Gateway menu showing "EasyEnglish Bible (EASY)" selected.

John Williams, Director of EasyEnglish in MissionAssist, said, “We are delighted to see the EasyEnglish Bible join the online collection available through Bible Gateway. EasyEnglish is very helpful for people who have English as an additional language. Bible Gateway is a widely used Christian website. So, it is our hope that even more people will now be able to read and understand the Bible, and apply it to their lives.”

Please join us in welcoming the EasyEnglish Bible to Bible Gateway and start reading it today!

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“Dear Scholars, I JUST tripped over the EasyEnglish Bible in, and I’ll be using it for the first time in my Zoom class on the Gospel of Luke. I’m very impressed.” Spencer