MissionAssist has a series of policies, procedures and guidelines for good practice covering the following areas. For more details you can contact us.

  • Data Protection – safeguarding personal information and complying with regulation (GDPR)
  • Dignity and Respect – opposing discrimination on grounds of gender, racial, ethnic or national origin, age or status
  • Grievance – raising any concerns or formally reporting complaints
  • Finance – covering the charity’s income, payments, expenses, budgeting, banking and reporting
  • Health and Safety – safeguarding members including limited insurance for public events such as conference exhibits
  • Media – representing the charity accurately and appropriately
  • Small Projects Grants – ensuring all grants are in line with the objects of our charity registered in England and Wales
  • Succession Planning – aiming for smooth transitions so the charity’s work continues even when volunteers move on
  • Statement of Belief
  • Travel – supporting face-to-face meetings within the UK and overseas, when required

Information for Volunteers

What volunteers can expect from MissionAssist


  • Gratefully acknowledges the time, talents and donations freely offered by members to support its work.
  • Wants to ensure that all members are treated fairly and consistently, and they know what to expect.
  • Seeks to relate to our members in ways that reflect biblical values, as a Christian organisation.
  • Invites all new members to an online induction session to introduce people to the charity.
  • Presents all new volunteers with an introduction to their role, including the standards which are expected for our services.
  • Seeks to provide encouragement and support to help volunteers fulfil their role.
  • Reimburses its volunteers for reasonable expenses incurred for MissionAssist work, with receipts.
  • Provides suitable, limited insurance for members who assist at public events such as conference exhibits.
  • Considers requests for extra insurance to be claimed as expenses when required for their volunteering role.
  • Welcomes feedback and suggestions to improve or innovate mission support services and resources.
  • Tries to resolve all problems or complaints fairly and respectfully.
  • Does not employ staff and does not desire or intend to create a legally binding contract of employment with any of its volunteers, now or at any time in the future.

What MissionAssist expects of volunteers

  • Upholding Christian standards, principles and practices in dealings with other members, and clients.
  • Respecting MissionAssist’s Vision and Values.
  • Following the policies, procedures and guidelines as published in the Members’ Area.
  • Maintaining the highest possible standards of work to the best of each volunteer’s ability.
  • Respecting the trust that exists between MissionAssist and its clients and the confidentiality this entails.
  • Undertaking not to bring the work of MissionAssist and its volunteers into disrepute.
  • Acknowledging that all creative work produced for MissionAssist belongs to MissionAssist unless special arrangements are agreed in advance with the CEO.
  • Meeting any time commitments and standards that have been mutually agreed or, when this is not possible, to give reasonable notice so that other arrangements can be made.
  • Providing their own insurance to ensure adequate cover for their use of their assets (such as computers, vehicles and homes) including for MissionAssist purposes.
  • Notifying any complaints or difficulties in writing to the team leader or coordinator.
  • Volunteers are not bound by any legal contract and may choose to end their volunteering at any time. It is helpful for members to tell MissionAssist whether they want to stop a specific role or end their membership completely.