Service Request – Bible Digitisation

Request a Bible or part of a Bible is typed up into digital form.

If we are able to accept your project, then ideally you will provide at least one, good quality copy of the scripture to be digitised, or two copies if it is a printed book and copies are available.

We normally expect digitised scripture to be put into the Digital Bible Library (DBL). We will say more about this at the start of each project.

About You

About your Organisation

About your needs

For example, is it a whole Bible, Old Testament, or New Testament, or other portion of Scripture? Is it a completed translation or ongoing project? Please give a brief description.
Please give an indication of the month and year by which you hope to see the request completed
Sometimes it is possible to manage the project so that we can return sections as they are completed, such as a Scripture book at a time, rather than waiting until the whole project is complete.

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