Help and resources at no cost

Over the thirty-five years that we have been supporting mission workers overseas, we have developed many services to help them spead the good news about Jesus Christ.

These range from the academic, (for example, researching for information) to the practical, (such as purchasing items not obtainable where they are). We also have some funds available for small projects.

Reliable, dedicated partners

Our volunteers are all Christians who agree with our belief statement and are dedicated to supporting the cause of the gospel. For specialist tasks, such as translation or English teaching, we provide qualified, experienced volunteers who are able to offer a high quality service.

We have supported many mission workers from large and small mission agencies, including WEC, OM and Bible Societies.

“I am left no doubt whatever that MissionAssist is a hidden gem in the wider ministry of the global Church.”
John Glass, General Superintendent, Elim Churches (2000-2016) & Chair of Council, Evangelical Alliance (2014-2018)

Explore our services and request help

To contact us about any of our services please complete a request form and we will be in touch to talk more about your needs.

Are you looking for help with something which seems outside our usual services? Please tell us about your own particular request, or tell us about your idea for a new service which could also help other mission workers.