Are you an overseas mission worker with a prescription for medicines that you need to order?

MissionAssist provides a service for mission workers around the world to order medicines for either personal use or for clinics. Medical purchasing can include antimalarial medications, antibiotics, vitamins and so on. Orders can be sent directly abroad, or to an address in the UK for your colleagues, relatives or friends to carry to you in person.

Please note that to comply with UK legislation, we must have a copy of an individual’s prescription before any medicine can be sent. This can be sent to us as a hard copy through the post, or you can scan it and send it as a computer file.

Note also that due to the regulations concerning the handling of medicines, orders must total at least £100. Orders can be shared with others in order to reach this total if necessary. A freight charge is also added by our supplier.

To place an order, please complete a request form to provide us with a list of medicines and the quantity required, a delivery address, and an account number for your organisation so that we can claim costs back or details of alternative payment options. We also need to know the country of final destination if medicines are to be sent to an address within the UK.

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Whether you are new to MissionAssist services or returning with your next request, please complete our form to tell us how we can contact you and how we can help you. Or if you have any questions please contact us.

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