Looking for a Bible in very simple French?

The Bible in Simple French for Everyone is very good for people with limited education. This Bible is a translation that expresses the meaning of the original message in a clear, accurate and natural way.

MissionAssist’s vision for the Bible in Simple French is to help people who read French to understand the Bible, and apply it to their lives.

Generous donations have paid for some copies of the gospels to be printed in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The printed copies include pictures, word lists and maps. Our translation team, and also Bible Society of the Democratic Republic of Congo, have distributed the printed booklets for free.

MissionAssist wants to make the Bible in Simple French available to all the Francophone countries of Africa and French speakers across the world. La Bible En Français Simple website provides the New Testament online. There is one simple menu which includes maps, word lists, and a pdf file for each book.

You can

  • read the New Testament online on the website
  • print a pdf file to read a book on paper
  • download an app for your android smartphone or tablet

“Thank you so much for such valuable resources.”

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