“I am already active in my local church community but I would like to extend this to also volunteer with MissionAssist.”

Could you devote some time to deliver appealing, quality messaging across a variety of social media channels, on behalf of a network of volunteers, working from home?

Are you gifted as a Social Media Manager?  Are you looking for an opportunity to serve mission and wondering how you can do that in your current circumstances, perhaps alongside your existing commitments?  Would you be willing to devote some time to deliver appealing, relevant and consistent messaging across a variety of digital media channels, on behalf of a network of volunteers?

MissionAssist matches volunteers up with tasks to support mission workers.  Therefore, it is important to publicise the available services and to recruit new members, in order to balance demand for specialist skills with supply of volunteer time.  We are looking for an experienced social media expert to help us do this better.

MissionAssist is a charity of unpaid volunteers who work from their own homes and deliver services at no cost to the clients.  Administrative costs, and grants awarded to small projects around the world, are covered by members’ donations.  Therefore, there are no goals relating to fundraising or engaging major financial donors.

Key Tasks

  • Develop and maintain an understanding of the mission, values and work of MissionAssist.
  • Produce social media strategy and content in support of MissionAssist’s charitable objects.
  • Build connections via social media with clients and volunteers – past, present and potential.
  • Liaise with stakeholders within MissionAssist who have services, volunteer opportunities or events to publicise.
  • Report to the Director of Marketing who has overall responsibility for the media strategy.


  • Enthusiasm for effective use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Ability to administer social media accounts and analysis tools for reporting audience profile, content performance and optimisation.
  • Evidence of good communication skills and, ideally, experience in corporate digital communications.
  • Ability to work independently, with good judgement, in a virtual organisation.
  • Aptitude to represent MissionAssist professionally in the digital world, including an eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy.

Qualifications: Proven experience of creating content, adapted to suit various sites, with positive engagement.

Apply to volunteer

If you would like to join MissionAssist please complete our online form. Or if you are just exploring the possibility and have some questions please contact our Volunteer Enquiries team.

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