“MissionAssist fits my values and my skills. I want to make a contribution.”


The design and layout of a document can make it easier to read. Consistent, quality formatting avoids distraction or confusion and keeps the reader’s mind on the message.

MissionAssist offers a Document Formatting service with a long history of happy clients who return time after time. For routine requests, we are looking for people who have experience in applying paragraph styles and formatting Microsoft Word documents. You need to make the styling absolutely consistent, even through a document as long as a book, in order to get a professional appearance.

We also have requests that require the use of tools such as Microsoft Publisher and an occasional need to scan and run optical character recognition software.

You can collaborate with our proofreading team to correct any errors before delivery of the final document.

Key Tasks

  • Deliver a document to meet the client’s requirements.
  • Keep in contact with the service coordinator, to support their role of assigning tasks and checking progress for the client’s timeline.


  • Expertise in document design and formatting.
  • Willingness to work as part of a team, giving and receiving feedback to deliver documents of a high standard.

If you are familiar with or willing to learn to use Bloom we would also like to hear from you. We already have a library of literacy booklets available for download from our own dedicated website. Making new versions available online in the Bloom format will mean that even more people can find our titles to read, share or translate into other languages.

Qualifications: Competence with relevant software tools. Attention to detail.

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