“I get a lot of satisfaction from digging up the relevant information and fact checking.”
Sarah Jane

Mission workers often need information that is hard to find from where they are. We have a team of people that search for these books in second-hand and antiquarian book stores, as well as on the internet. Additionally, many mission workers need access to books and technical articles that are only available from large university or national libraries. These articles are often about the people, group, or language, in the place where they are working. To help with this service, you should have personal access to a good university library or be a librarian yourself.

Key Tasks

  • Research to find suitable sources to fulfil the mission worker’s request.
  • Either pass on the sources, or review and prepare a research summary, as required.


  • Expertise in literature search and research.

Qualifications: Access to an academic library or expertise in internet search.

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