“I want to add my brick to the building of the kingdom of the Lord.” Patricia

MissionAssist provides various opportunities for writers. The authors in the EasyEnglish team have so far produced an entire translation of the Bible, commentaries, Bible studies and a range of other books, including Shell Books for functional literacy. All of these resources are available for free online, the EasyEnglish Bible and reading plans are available in the YouVersion Bible app, and some apps are also available for individual books of the Bible, with audio too.

EasyEnglish has a defined vocabulary and guidelines for writers to follow. The major endeavour to translate the Old Testament and New Testament into clear, easy to understand English has been completed. However, there could be an opportunity for someone who understands the vision and potential of the EasyEnglish project to join the team and write additional reading plans, books, and literacy booklets.

Key Tasks

  • Either write new text or shorten and simplify existing written information – in EasyEnglish.
  • Keep in contact with the service coordinator and team members who liaise with partners, such as copyright holders who have given permission for translation into EasyEnglish.


  • Experience of writing in English
  • Good knowledge of grammar.
  • Ability to communicate ideas in simple terms.

Qualifications: Experience of writing in English, good knowledge of grammar, and the ability to communicate ideas in simple terms.

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