MissionAssist provides various opportunities for writers. The authors in the Functional Literacy team have so far produced nearly 300 books that are available to download from the Shell Books website for free. Topics include illness and disease, crafts and skills, as well as scripture and inspiration, all of which can help adults to learn the basics and vocabulary of their written language.

If you are able to write in clear English then you could help to expand the library of titles. We receive requests for new literacy books on specific topics and the team members can also put forward their own suggestions for additional titles.

You would be writing the text for simple reading books in English, which are illustrated by other members of the team. Then our translation teams make copies in several other major languages. Anyone around the world can download and either use the books in the original language or edit to insert their own translation of the text in any other language, keeping all the pictures and formatting – the “shell”.

Everyone is contributing their skills and time from their own home with the end result being a truly great resource that enables people to learn to read their own heart language. With the help of MA Shell Books, many people go on to read and understand the Bible.

Key Tasks

  • Either write new text or shorten and simplify existing written information – in English.
  • Keep in contact with the service coordinator, to support their role of assigning titles, liaising with illustrators and the translation teams.


  • Ability to prepare text in clear writing.

Qualifications: Ability to create new text, or to shorten and simplify existing written information, in clear writing.

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