“Having recently retired from ministry, I was looking for ways to use my time in God’s service.” Rita

MissionAssist is a virtual organisation with no office or premises. We meet together at an annual conference in the UK. The rest of the year, and for all members around the world, we keep in contact by email, telephone and video conferencing. We have a dedicated team looking to contact potential members, in collaboration with the marketing team, to welcome new members and also liaise with existing members to ensure our records stay up-to-date. Recruitment or HR experience would be particularly welcome.

Examples of current opportunities for volunteers:

Church Engagement – Contact churches and offer information, publicity they could share, or a speaker to give a presentation, to raise awareness of MissionAssist.

Mission Organisation Engagement – Research and contact mission agencies to offer information about relevant MissionAssist services and volunteering opportunities, in collaboration with the partnerships team.

Member Care – Support new members and follow-up with existing members via calls and video conferencing to ensure any questions are answered and that those who are volunteering are in the role that best suits them.

Learning and Development Adviser – Support new and existing members by identifying training needs, as well as appropriate methods and resources that effectively share information, skills and good practice.

Digital Learning Developer – Design and deliver online resources to enable home-based volunteers to build up their knowledge and skills.

Head of Recruitment and Member Care is a key role as we match volunteers to appropriate roles and support them in their tasks; provide assistance to the CEO and contribute to the leadership of the charity.

Key Tasks, depending on the role

  • Develop and maintain an understanding of the mission, values and work of MissionAssist.
  • Liaise with other organisations, including churches and mission agencies.
  • Support and train volunteers so that they are well informed and equipped for their role.
  • Achieve your goals in collaboration with a range of other part-time volunteers across the charity.

Requirements, depending on the role

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Experience with a volunteer run organisation – desirable.
  • Relevant learning support and training skills (for Learning Adviser).
  • Relevant technical skills and experience (for Digital Learning Developer).
  • Familiarity with Microsoft 365 and willingness to learn to use the charity’s membership database, CiviCRM.
  • Experience of managing and motivating others to achieve agreed goals (for Head of Recruitment and Member Care).

Qualifications: Familiar with Microsoft 365 and willing to learn to use the charity’s membership database (CiviCRM).

Apply to volunteer

If you would like to join MissionAssist please complete our online form. Or if you are just exploring the possibility and have some questions please contact our Volunteer Enquiries team.

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