As a network of home-based volunteers all working remotely, MissionAssist is completely reliant on technology, both to collaborate and to provide services. We maintain several websites, use standard office software and some specialist tools.

We welcome enquiries from people willing to offer their experience in, or strong ability and interest to learn about, the systems that we use.

  • CiviCRM, Drupal and Windows Server or Linux. Knowledge of SQL, PHP and GitHub would be useful.
  • Microsoft 365 admin, SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, Exchange.
  • WordPress.
  • Unicode.
  • Paratext and the Digital Bible Library (DBL).
  • Google Play and/or Apple App Store.
  • Digital learning technology.
  • Shotcut.

Head of IT is a key role with oversight of the charity’s use of information technology; provide assistance to the CEO and contribute to the leadership of the charity.

Key Tasks, depending on the role

  • Carry out administration, management and support for one of our systems.
  • Help with the evolution and implementation of our technology roadmap.

Requirements, depending on the role

  • Knowledge and experience of common operating systems, programming languages and hardware configurations.
  • Knowledge and experience of developing IT applications and services.
  • Ability to work independently, with good judgement, in a virtual organisation.
  • Experience of managing and motivating others to achieve agreed goals (Head of IT).

Qualifications: IT expertise relevant to one or more technologies in use in MissionAssist.

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If you would like to join MissionAssist please complete our online form. Or if you are just exploring the possibility and have some questions please contact our Volunteer Enquiries team.

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