“In the past finding the right book either required luck or a lot of time and experience. Now most people can browse new, used and rare books over the internet.”
Derek, experienced book finder

When mission workers have needed their own copies of books that are hard to find from where they are, our volunteers have searched for these books in second-hand and antiquarian book stores, as well as on the internet. Over time, more booksellers have made their stock available to find online, and more mission workers have the access and ability to search for themselves. Therefore, we are not seeking more help generally with this service although we would welcome enquiries from people with specific expertise in sourcing specialist books for purchase, loan or reference.

Key Tasks

  • Search for a specific book or find a book to fulfil the mission worker’s request.
  • Either pass on the information about where a copy can be found, or arrange purchase and shipping on their behalf, as required.


  • Expertise in sourcing specialist books.

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