A typical Bible Digitisation Project in our WEBBS team starts with images of printed pages. File conversion is a crucial stage for each project. Only once the original, raw photo image files have been processed into pdf files can the keyboarders start their typing up, character by character, page by page.

The scan conversion team have evolved a workflow to go from the original nef files to jpg, and then import into an interactive tool for post-processing.  This gives the ability to rotate pages to the correct orientation, cut or crop pages, compensate for skew angle, select the page content and set margins, etc. The output of that tool is tiff which then has to be converted to pdf.

The standard tools of choice are freely available, the post-processing tool has excellent tutorial material and an experienced member of the team can advise and help troubleshoot, if required.  There is a pipeline of projects, so volunteers have several weeks or even months to complete each batch of files around their other commitments.

Key Tasks

  • Convert, check and return batches of image files in the agreed timeframe.
  • Keep in contact with the service coordinator, to support their role of assigning tasks and checking progress.


  • Experience of digital manipulation, evaluation and conversion of image files.
  • Attention to detail.

Qualifications: Expertise in post processing image files.

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