Completion of the EasyEnglish Bible

2 April 2015

A press release announcing the completion of the EasyEnglish Bible has been sent to nearly 1,000 Christian media outlets around the world. Letters have also been sent to 1,000 mission organisations and to 4,000 churches in the UK and overseas.

It also got airtime when the BBC requested interviews with John Williams, who has been involved in the project in the 20 years since it started. John said: “I had the privilege of doing interviews on 13 BBC radio stations to tell people about MissionAssist and the EasyEnglish Bible”.

The BBC Local Radio stations included those for Berkshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, Derby, Guernsey, Gloucestershire, Jersey, Kent, Lancashire, Newcastle, Northampton, Tees, and the West Midlands.

The separate interviews were held one after the other over a period of two hours, each one lasting about five minutes. John recalls: “They let me loose in a recording studio and even let me operate the switches and sliders on live radio!” “Each interview went off in a slightly different direction depending on the questions asked by the presenter.” John added: “But I still haven’t mastered the technique of talking without using my hands!”

There was also an immediate take up of the news by online magazines and the print media, such as the Church Times which made it the top story on its website. Other outlets, including Inspire Magazine (UK), Christian Telegraph (US), CrossMap (US) and Gateway News (South Africa) quickly followed.

One of the most exciting responses has been from Tyndale House in Cambridge, who want to work with MissionAssist to include the EasyEnglish Bible in their Online Study Bible. They believe that EasyEnglish has an important role in enabling people from the Majority World to engage in serious Bible study and Biblical research.

Find out more and explore the EasyEnglish Bible and other Bible resources in simple English at The EasyEnglish Bible.