“I have been challenged as to how I can continue to serve God and serve mission in my situation and MissionAssist seemed like an ideal opportunity.” Margaret

Something to read from back home, including comics for children, can make a huge difference when living overseas. One of MissionAssist’s very practical services is to match givers and receivers of various magazines.

Do you subscribe to, or receive with a membership, any magazine or journal that goes into the (paper recycling) bin after you have read it? Would you be willing to post that on to a mission worker instead? Alternatively, would you consider starting a subscription specifically so that mission workers or their family members could regularly receive a magazine or comic that they would really appreciate? Or perhaps you are in contact with mission workers and could ask if they would like to receive any specific periodical?

We are very grateful for all offers of practical support. However, as a faith-based charity, and because we are in contact with some people whose identity and location needs to be guarded for their safety, we do ask that anyone willing to send out magazines becomes a member of MissionAssist which includes agreeing to keep clients’ details confidential.

Key Tasks

  • Support a mission worker or their family member by arranging for them to regularly receive a magazine or other publication.
  • Keep in contact with the service coordinator, to support their role which includes matching senders and recipients.
  • Keep the identity and location of recipients confidential.

Tell us about your magazine or see these requested titles (as of 31-Jan-2024):

  • BBC Good Food magazine – for a reader in the USA.
  • The Economist (electronic version) for someone in Switzerland.
  • Aquilla magazine – for children in Uganda.
  • National Geographic magazine – for a family in Uganda.

If you have any magazines already – these particular titles or any others – or if would be willing to take out a new subscription to a magazine or comic, please let us know. Thank you!

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