“It was a pleasant stay with A. She is very kind to offer me a free stay. People like me, a frequent traveller, find this service is the Lord’s blessings to both sides. I could have a place to stay and the host, like A, could have someone to share her life in God too.” Grace, Wycliffe/SIL, South Asia

Members of MissionAssist have been providing a hospitality service for decades, until the global coronavirus pandemic. We had built up a network of people in the UK who were willing to let mission workers stay with them – maybe overnight before a flight, or a few days during a training event or conference, or a whole family looking for a place to stay for a short time. It was a frequently great blessing to both the hosts and the visitors

Across the world, there are now permanent changes to patterns of travel and collaboration, for example with fewer journeys, more remote working and online meetings. However, requests are being received again and the hospitality service entirely depends on having a pool of volunteers in relevant locations who are willing to give assistance to Christian workers needing short periods of accommodation.

In order to fulfil as many requests from mission workers as possible, we aim to have a long list of people who are willing in principle, with the hope that there would always be someone who was both in the requested area and available for the requested date, even though this means that many of our members may not be called upon very often.

Therefore, we welcome your offer of hospitality from anywhere in the UK, with the greatest need for additional members in Central London, Greater London and the South East. We would also like to encourage you to contact us if you can offer to host in Scotland, Wales or East Anglia.

Key Tasks

  • Provide overnight or short-term accommodation for mission workers and possibly their family members.
  • Keep in contact with the service coordinator, to support their role which includes matching travellers to hosts.


  • Space to accommodate visitors and a heart for hospitality.

Qualifications: Space to accommodate visitors and a heart for hospitality.

Apply to volunteer

If you would like to join MissionAssist please complete our online form. Or if you are just exploring the possibility and have some questions please contact our Volunteer Enquiries team.

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